After-Birth Abortion: The pro-choice case for infanticide.

After-Birth Abortion: The pro-choice case for infanticide. - Slate Magazine

I am furious after reading this. The people who make up this stuff have either never had kids or are somehow mentally incapacitated, like some people are who can't feel the right sort of feelings for their kids. These people get way too into themselves and being all high and mighty in their "higher learning and education". I am all for higher learning, but not when it gets you so into being "logical" that you forget about the other positive human qualities that should also come naturally, namely courage, sacrifice for those we love, and working hard for the things that are most important to us.

Would anyone hesitate to jump into a rushing river to save a child? How many would not burn their hands rescuing another person from a car on fire? How many give kidneys, lungs, and other parts of themselves, shortening their own lives to lengthen the life of someone they love?

If you were to encounter someone who was so self-centered and logical, that they would never consider doing any of this for anyone else, and who would never risk their own personal well-being, career, or lifestyle, to help another person, especially a close relative, you would definitely label them scum, abhorrent, and the worst example of humanity.

Why then, are you crushing the life out of children in your womb, and even the child who you have BORN, and most definitely making no sacrifice at all to lengthen your own child's life. You are their rescuer, standing on the shore. You will not jump in to save your own child, for fear of how hard it will be, and the risk involved? Admittedly, a child is not an easy thing to care for. The best things in life never are.

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How to Make a Guy Like You said...

I agree its a horrendous thing, shame on them for suggesting killing a newborn might be ok "for the ease of the mother's life" because the newborn "doesn't know what's being taken away from it so it doesn't matter" ha, neither does a 6 month old, so can we kill them and call it abortion? or anyone for that matter once their dead they won't be bothered right, so that makes it ok? Terrible, evil stuff.