Bobee: Mom Invented Baby Products (Part 1 in a series)

Bobee Diapers and Wipes Dispenser w/ Changeable Decals

About The Inventor Of Bobee

"Mothers are, by necessity, inventors. We invent games to keep our children happy. We invent stories to help
our children fall asleep. We even invent recipes so our children will eat what they're supposed to eat.
And, when a need arises, it turns out that we even invent products. That's what I did.
I invented the Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser. I needed something to hold diapers and wipes where they were convenient, but also out of the way. As a new mom, I had my hands full and limited space. Every surface, it seemed, was taken up by something already.
A wall-mounted dispenser was exactly what I needed.
The problem was that no one made one. Until now.
I hope you like your Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser as much as I do. I've used mine every day with my two children.
I think you'll really appreciate that you'll always have one hand for your little one. That's great peace of mind.
Stacy Harfert
Inventor & Mom. (Not necessarily in that order.)" - from the Bobee website

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Nice product,these type of products are essential for newly moms,this diaper holder looking full of color and stylish as it will never give any odd feeling in home.