Baby Shower Gifts

Thoughtful Useful Baby Shower Gifts

What kind of gift do you give to friends and family for their new little one? I like to give useful gifts that I know will be used. Sometimes this is as simple as a pack of diapers, if I know they could use them! But it is always fun to give something pretty and sweet, something exciting to match the excitement of a new baby. Its always fun to give a gift that shows you care and are excited for your friends new little one. What is more thoughtful and sweet than a handmade item baby can use or wear, made just for them?

Make That Stylish, Thoughtful and Useful Baby Shower Gifts

This online baby boutique I found on Etsy.com is incredible. The items she hand crochets are not your average old fashioned baby booties and blankets. Every item is incredibly cute and designer stylish, and the prices will knock your socks off. Check out some of the items she offers to make you. Are they not amazing?

thoughtful useful baby shower gifts
Blue Dahlia's Boutique Fuzzy Boots, White $25.00
useful and thoughtful baby shower gifts
Blue Dahlia's Boutique Earflap Hat, Yellow $17.00

Check out the entire store here! It's fun just to look through the items available and see how creative and cute they each are. Which one is your favorite? If you don't need anything now, be sure to bookmark the site for when you will need some of these great booties or caps. They make great gifts for any child for any occasion, also!



Bonni Greiner said...

Just found your blog through Twitter! Interesting and fun!

how to make him marry me said...

lovely crocheted items i would love to get one. when i get a little spending money perhaps