What is the Best Bottle For Baby?

Bare Bittylab Baby Bottle: Best Bottle For Baby

You may want to know the best bottle for breastfeeding, best bottle for switching to formula, or like many moms, just needing to know the best baby bottles for newborns. Regardless of the reason, you soon find out that no matter what kind you choose, there is no bottle does everything you would think it should. Or is there?

 Baby bottles have been used as a tool for feeding babies for hundreds of years. They were necessary when it was common for the mother to die in childbirth, and still necessary today for mothers who are unable or unwilling to breastfeed for one reason or another. Nevertheless, not many advances have been made on how well a bottle does the job. In fact, even a typical bottle manufactured today is a poor substitute for the real thing, and causes many extra problems along with its purported convenience, as any parent can tell you who bottle feeds their babies.

Some bottles do attempt to better mimic the natural delivery of milk by integrating a compicated straw-like system into the bottle which helps with the biggest bottle problem, air in the delivery system of the milk. This system ensures there is no air coming into baby with the milk. Other bottles attempt to use a different shape, such as an angled bottom, to help baby have an easier posture while drinking and still not get too much air with it, which causes burps, spit up, and gas. Mothers are willing to pay top dollar for these improvements, especially when they have a baby who cannot tolerate gas.

Priska Diaz, a mother in New York, finally had enough with the way bottles failed to work the same way as breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is perfectly suited to baby and causes no problems such as gas and has no inconveniences like having to clean a bunch of parts, buy new bottles and nipples as baby gets bigger, and completely different nipple feel and function. Sometimes using a bottle is very necessary to be able to feed baby, however. She decided to design one that worked like it should, exactly like the real thing. She came up with a bottle that has it all, with none of the inconveniences. She named it the BARE Bottle and created a company, Bittylab, to market it.

Why is the Bare Bottle the Best Bottle For Baby?

This bottle is truly the best bottle for newborn baby, or any baby. Its the best bottle for breastfeeding because it reduces the chance of nipple confusion and how milk is delivered. Its patented nipple works like a mother's nipple by stretching as the baby sucks, negating the need for larger nipples as baby grows. It also has holes that stay closed until the nipple is stretched, so backwash and bacteria growth are greatly reduced or non-existant, along with a shape that better resembles the shape and feel of a breast when a baby nurses. The patented plunger or syringe-like system improve drastically on old versions of air-free bottles by reducing the amount of parts needed to wash each time. In fact, this bottle is dishwasher safe even with all its incredible functions. Its extremely simple to use and easy to clean. Even the screw on nipple has been eliminated in favor of a top that simply snaps on and off with the push of a button.

There are many baby bottles to choose from, some trying in small ways to be a better bottle for baby, but the BARE bottle designed by Priska Diaz is the all around "has it all" best bottle for baby. If you would like to learn more or find out how to obtain them for your baby before they hit the market, go here to http://www.barenurser.com. You will be able to buy them in stores January 2012.

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