Pampers Gifts to Grow Triple Wipes Points

I've been meaning to do an update on this rewards program for a while. It was slow going for a while when I couldn't afford to buy the diapers I like (yes, cloth diapers are better and I fully advocate them, but I do not have the material to go that route right now. Hoping to soon! anyways...) which are Pampers Baby Dry in a size 4 now for my big 10 month old. But I always have to get the Pampers Sensitive Wipes because they are the only wipes I can use on him without going a more expensive route (note to self to look into cheap ways to wipe sensitive baby bums).

So when I became a member of Amazon Mom and started using Subscribe and Save, I was able to get all Pampers diapers AND wipes again and still SAVE money. Of course I would save more by buying the generic brand that way too but I like that I am able to buy what I want again. Anyhoo my point..

Pampers Sensitive 3X Wipes 192 Count (Pack of 4)
$18.16 (save $7.78) with Amazon Mom
Pampers Gifts to Grow is giving triple points for wipes from 7/18 to 8/18 so I took all the wipes out of my 3 month supply that I got from Amazon (for $18.16 +free shipping) and entered them in. Instead of the 60 points I would have gotten for them, I got 180 points! Plus the 90 points I got from my month supply of diapers, and I'm quite a chunk of points closer to my gift card goal.

I notice that they value points on rewards at about $.01 per point, so entering points is basically getting a few cents off your Pampers purchase, or a few cents rebate or whatever, except its nice that you can add it up to something bigger. A $10 diaper.com card is 1000 points. That is what I was originally looking at as my goal but now that I use Amazon Mom, I believe I'll go for the Applebee's $10 card instead!

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