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I never thought I would be promoting a baby bottle. After all, bottles are not great baby stuff. They are bad baby stuff, and babies should not have to use them. Sometimes they are necessary though, and when I reluctantly started my own baby on the bottle, first of all he hated it because it was so different. He wouldn't even take expressed milk from the bottle until I found a nipple that sort of mimicked a real nipple, and we went from there. Read about how I finally got him to switch here. Many woman must use a bottle because their family or their sanity depends on them working also. It is difficult to continue breastfeeding while working, even with a great pump, because the bottle is so different and babies get confused and only want one or the other. Many people are unaware of how different a bottle is for a baby, but it was apparent to me right away and I wished for something that was more like the real thing. And now that I have found it I am ecstatic! I really want it to succeed and Bittylabs needs more help from us parents for that to happen.

The BARE Bottle was designed by Priska Diaz, a New York mom who didn't like the bottles she had to use to feed her baby, just like me. Apparently she is a bit of better designer and go getter than me, however, as she has designed and put together a campaign to get them in production and on the market! And I am happy to try to help her. The BARE Bottle has a nipple designed to work and feel like a real nipple, even stretching when baby sucks on it to release milk, negating any backwash from baby or the need to up-size the nipple holes as your baby grows. It works with a sort of plunger action, resembling a syringe, that moves as the baby empties the bottle, thus making sure he doesn't suck in any air, just like the real thing. This also means that baby does not have to lie down to drink! No more tipping over backwards for older babies when they are trying to sit or walk around and drink their bottle! Plus the bottle just looks awesome. Its an absolute must for any baby that has to use a bottle.

The BARE Bottle "is the first to market baby bottle that mimics mother’s breast entirely–not just the nipple– from shapes & texture to movement, storage and delivery of milk. It features 2 unique patented technologies to produce a truly breast-like nursing experience 100% air-free and without vents."
Read more here at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/priska/get-closer-go-bare

Pledge $15 or more
You’ll get an autographed BARE baby bottle from the first production ever made, retail price is $15. You can pledge in multiples of $15 to get more BARE baby bottles to share. International backers please add $5 for shipping. Also, "special thanks" on our website as contributor. Please expect your BARE shipment on or before December 2011, as soon as BARE passes all tests, it'll be ready for distribution. All other rewards are immediately available.
28 BACKERS so far

Note from Great Baby Stuff: I myself am giving $15 just to have the chance to get one in case I might need it even though I plan on breastfeeding, because regular bottles are so terrible!

Pledge $100 or more
If you own an online store, a boutique, or have more than 1 friend pregnant this is your chance. You get 10 BARE air-free baby bottles. US domestic backers please add 10 for shipping. International backers, please add $20 for shipping. Also, "special thanks" on our website as contributor.
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Note from Great Baby Stuff to anyone that sells baby stuff online: You know these will be the great new bottle that everyone will be wanting and getting! Don't pass up the chance to buy a bunch and have them to sell before anyone else, and at a cheaper price!
LIMITED REWARD     1000 of 1000 remaining
Make your baby a superstar!!. YOUR baby's picture will be rotating on website, web banners, baby magazine editorials, trade show, flyers and all kind of media appearance for the launch in January 2012 and used throughout July 2012. You'll ask to bring your baby to your nearest Target photo studio to take the picture, paid by us. Your baby must be 3-12 moths. The submission of a good photograph when he/she was that age is also acceptable.
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