FREE Baby Sling- Get Yours While They Last!

has a promo code for a free sling. Here is what you need to do:
2. Choose a sling and your size (look at their sizing chart if you not sure). You can also choose their gift sets and the promo code will just take off the amount a single sling is worth!
3. Enter your shipping address and pay the shipping fee and taxes ( this ends up being about $15)

Your free sling will be shipped to you!


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jewell11505 said...

I just came across this blog from frugality is free on facebook and I love it! I just ordered the free baby sling and then it gave me a promo for a free udder cover so I ordered that too. Both items for shipping only! Can't wait to get them in the mail. Also I'm very excited about the diaper bag giveaway. Can't wait for that to start!

Free Baby Stuff said...

I am not certain because I am waiting for a few brands to get back to me about entering their products, but I estimate the bag giveaway can begin in 6 weeks. Some of the contest suppliers were really quick to answer and send their submissions to the bags, and some of them are making us all wait.. Ah well.