Carseat Horror Story

 First watch this, then read post!

That was something, wasn't it? And he is just a dad, discovering this on his own. He isn't a professional or a product tester, nothing like that. I bet after this you will be running to test your own carseat! I know I did (It passed the test, whew).
When you are looking for a car seat, the whole point is to keep your child safe and secure. So which one will do that best? Some people go to shop for one (new or used), see all the different ones out there which all look more or less alike, and decide to go for the cheapest because its a car seat, after all. Its made to be safe, right? But in reality, there are many things to consider. 
The first thing to know is NEVER buy a used car seat. It may have been in a crash, and you have no way of knowing. Car seats are only rated for one heavy crash, and then must be replaced. This does not apply to fender benders and such like, but how will you know what that car seat has been through, if it is used?
Car seats that are given to you or bought from friends and family might be more secure. You are more likely to know if they have been in any serious crashes, and they are more likely to tell you. But do you want their car seat? Or do you want the best one for your baby? Is it even that big a deal? Decide for yourself..

Consumersearch.com has three infant seats they have found to be the BEST rated:
Price Range $90-$200

Graco SnugRide
Graco SnugRide
  • Lightweight
  • Performs well in safety tests
  • Many colors and patterns
  • Fabric not very breathable
  • Mixed reviews for ease of installation

Britax Chaperone- for heavier or taller babies
Price Range $180-$185

Britax Chaperone
Britax Chaperone
  • Excellent safety scores
  • Easy to adjust
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Accommodates larger babies
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Wide base may not fit in small cars

Baby Trend Flex-Loc -for heavier babies
Price Range $75-$90

Baby Trend Flex-Loc
Baby Trend Flex-Loc
  • Performs well in safety tests
  • Easy-to-install infant car seat
  • Triangular handle
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Holds heavier/taller babies
  • Some say straps are too short
  • Doesn't fit well in some cars
  • Limited availability

 What do you think you will do now? Which car seat do you have, and how do you rate it? Do you have any car seat stories, good or bad, that you have heard or experienced?

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