Pregnancy cravings can be frustrating when you want something weird or unavailable to you. (steak dinner with all the trimmings, anyone?)
But I found something anyone can get and have and we crave this stuff all the time.. Icecream! But dressed up with some secret ingredients that make it soooo delicious, you might have to have a bowl every night.

Here is the secret recipe ingredients:
Frozen blueberries
Vanilla icecream

You thought it was going to be complicated didn't you? All you do is melt 3 tablespoons or so of frozen blueberries in a bowl in the microwave. Top it with as much ice cream as you want, but be sure to add an equal amount of apple sauce. That's pretty much the rule. Eat as much ice cream as you want, but just mix it with equal parts applesauce and you are good!
Delicious! (Can you tell I had to take a couple bites before the picture. Oops!)

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