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So I just found out they have such a thing as a video baby monitors! They have been out for a while but I personally had never seen one before now. They are a little spendy but a good baby monitor usually is anyways, and none of us want to skimp when it comes to baby safety.

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5" ScreenWith a baby video monitor, you can actually see your baby from the listening end as well as hear them. How many times have you went to check your baby even when the baby monitor was quiet just to make sure they weren't silently suffocating themselves? I have, plenty of times! I have a baby that likes to roll on his side and hide his face against things when he sleeps. It makes me a nervous Nelly about suffocation.

Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor with 7" LCD Screen
Baby is sleeping just fine!
So when I saw this video monitor I thought it would be a pretty smart thing for anyone who has a baby to have. I would actually put it on my baby registry first and hope someone got it for me as a gift at my baby shower, but if not, its totally worth the extra few dollars you need to shell out to have top quality safety items for your baby.
Oh, speaking of baby registries, did you know you could sign up on Amazon? And with their huge selection of all the top brands, you don't have to settle for one store's line of baby products. Plus, the free shipping on a lot of stuff is a great bonus. Here's the link: Amazon Baby Registry

Even if you already have a audio baby monitor, investing in a video one isn't a bad idea, especially if you are planning on having more children. If not, there are plenty of places where you could sell it as used once you don't need it, (or generously give it to a grateful friend) or even put it to different uses. You don't have to use it just to monitor the nursery. What about the playroom or monitoring your child's room while you are folding clothes or working on the computer?

I really think these things are too useful to pass up, they are a huge investment for any parent!

Check out the prices and reviews on different video baby monitors here:


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