Pampers has a Rewards Program

So when I signed up for Similac Strong Moms, I also clicked a box to sign up for the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. Why not, right? Turns out its a typical rewards program where you turn in the points from whatever Pampers item you buy, and get stuff for the points.

I wish I would have done this sooner! I have been buying almost exclusively Pampers (Why, you ask? Because that's what the hospital gave me to put on him when he was born. Simple as that.) so I should have racked up quite the points by now. I'm not exactly sure how many points are in a jumbo box of diapers or baby wipes, but I'm guessing by now I would have at least earned the $10 off coupon for diapers (1000 points). So sad! All those points down the drain that I could have been using!

I don't even have an excuse because even though you need to sign up online, if you put in your phone number, you can just text in the codes. So simple! I saw the advertising for the program on the packages too. How many of us ignore the programs we could have been taking advantage of if we took two minutes to pay attention to it?

The funny thing is I have just switched to the cheaper store brand diapers to be economical, but sometimes if someone else buys the diapers they still bring home Pampers and I also always buy the Pampers wipes. So I will still be able to turn in some points and see what its all about.

Don't miss out on the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program if you are one of those who regularly buys them anyways!

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