Toddler Bike Giveaway- Enter Now and Cross a Christmas Gift Off the List!

So I've been looking for the perfect riding toy for my son, he is really interested in bikes and loves to turn pretty much anything into his "car" or "bike". He's outgrown his little bounce and ride toy by a mile, so I started looking for the next step up for him. We have so many more choices these days than in the old days when everyone just got one of those hotwheels or a red flyer trike. 

In fact, I found a toddler rider than teaches balance in stages. Its a convertible toddler bike you can switch from three to two wheels, and raise and lower the seat. Not only that, I get to offer it to you also for FREE! I have teamed up with Kate n' Kaboodle to share with you the hottest new toy to hit the U.S., the Bunzi from Chillafish!

Welcome to the Bunzi Balance Trainer Giveaway! 
The Bunzi gradual balance trainer bike from Chillafish is a unique 2-in-1 balance bike that can be switched between 3-wheel mode and 2-wheel mode in just a few seconds without tools!
The Bunzi gradual balance trainer takes it step-by-step to learn balance. Smaller children can start off on 3 wheels until they get comfortable and then switch to two wheels when they are older. If your child isn't quite ready, it's easy to switch back for a while to 3 wheels to gain some more confidence. Bunzi has two seat positions, a seat position in 3-wheel mode that is low to the ground for comfort and a seat position in 2-wheel mode that is higher for making more speed. It features a cute bunny design and even a little storage container in the seat.
Bunzi is the perfect balance bike to allow your child to learn balance at their own pace and comfort level!
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Bunzi is available at select Toys R' Us store for $49-59.
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Bunzi Gradual Balance Trainer in choice of color!
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Jennifer Peaslee said...

I like the "Jack" Balance Bike

Sonya Sanderson said...

I learned that it can be switched without tools from a 3-wheel function to a 2-wheel function.