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Buy New Clothing at Secondhand Prices Online: Super Cheap Brand New Kids and Baby Clothes

So I recently placed my first order with Totsy.com and I was soo happy with the purchase I made. I got a ton of stuff and literally at secondhand store prices. I think the most expensive thing I got was a two-piece button up shirt and pants outfit for my son for $8.75.

I challenge you to find prices that good at even Walmart, and these clothes on Totsy are super high quality. They are super stylish and cute, and you have TONS of brands to choose from. They have women's and older kids clothing also, even underwear (I saw some super cute boyshorts and bras going for $1.90 each, yep less than $2 each) but I just needed clothes for my lil ones. Maybe I'll get to me, later.

Anyways, it was my first order and I placed it the same day I registered, so I got free shipping (its usually $7 per order, or $7 something I can't remember exactly. I also put over $60 worth of clothes in my cart so I could use the VIPMOM coupon code for $15 off. Do you know what $15 off meant for me? It meant a free 12 month baby girl dress (with matching headband and diaper cover), a free 2t toddler boy polo shirt, and a free 2t toddler boy pants. Here they are, the items I got free because of the $15 vipmom code I used:

I mostly need new clothes for my daughter, as she is almost totally grown out of everything she currently has (how did that even happen, btw? I swear all these clothes were too big on her yesterday!!) and also seeing as all her clothes are hand me downs, I wanted to get her some things that were pretty, and new, and all hers. She is my first little princess and I am so excited to get my order and play dress up with her. I will most likely hit up Walmart to grab some under t-shirts or onesies and leggings to go with these dresses, as fall is coming up. Here are the rest of the dresses I got for her:

As you can see, three of the dresses come with matching diaper covers, and one of them comes with a separate sweater (the sweater on the pink and grey dress with animal print skirt is a separate). With my first time purchase free shipping, and my over $60 purchase coupon code vipmom, I saved $22 and got all of the above pictured items in this post for $45 shipped. I would gladly have paid the $67 however. I am certain I could not have gotten this many cute stylish nice looking outfits for $67 even at Walmart or a secondhand store! Much less the $45 I actually paid for all of it.

Anyone Can Get New Clothes at Secondhand Prices Online!

And its not me being super tricky and thrifty to get all this stuff, you can go right now and do it yourself. They have some sales where the items are like $20 an outfit, but most of them are $5-10 an outfit. Tons of $5 shorts and t shirt sets right now, and such. Though I found many of those to be sold out or nearly so when I was trying to get them!

I warn you, the Totsy sales are super addictive. I'm already plotting the next things I am hoping to get with my next weekly spending allowance. Its awesome because I simply cannot find the right time to be able to hit up the secondhand stores in town to get my kids some clothes they fit into, and now I don't need to! I can just buy from Totsy and it will be just as cheap and sooooo much cuter!

I'm not sure but I'm hoping that I can use the VIPMOM coupon code again. If I can, and I buy $75 worth next time, I will get free shipping and $15 off again. So excited to find a place online with less than thrift store prices! Give it a try yourself:

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