My Kid Keeps Taking Off His Diaper!

how to stop a kid from taking off his diaper
Born for mischief

How do you stop a 1 1/2 or 2 year old from stripping off their clothes and diaper? I have heard of this happening with other kids but I was unprepared for it to start with my own little one. It started only a couple days ago and he seems to be playing up this little childhood phase with a vengeance. As soon as I put his diaper and clothes back on, they are off again. He begins pulling the straps off as soon as I turn my back.

I put overalls on him to try to confound his efforts to remove his clothes. It worked for a while and then later I found him running around in only his diaper and the overalls were in his sisters crib of all places. However, the diaper was still on so I don't know if getting the clothes off was so exhausting he forgot about the rest or what..

Does every kid go through this phase? What causes it? Can I prevent it in my daughter who will be about this age in another year or so?


Malika Bourne said...

I can laugh at your predicament , now. My youngest now 30 would crawl under the table at Pizza Hutt and strip. what was a mother to do? I knew I would laugh one day. At least a 2 year old can't get arrested for public nudity.
sorry, so sorry. Trust me, tho your nudist will grow out of it and maybe one day join a nudist colony-my cousin did. so sorry.

cheap wedding rings said...

yeeks! though if he joins a nudist colony, he WON'T have grown out of it,right? He hasn't tried it in public yet, mostly because I generally have to keep a really sharp eye on him anyways. (crazy no fear boy)

M_Massie said...

yeeks! though if he joins a nudist colony he won't have grown out of it at all right? I haven't had this problem in public yet. Mostly because I have to keep a sharp eye on him anyways (crazy no fear boy).