Reduce Baby's Vaccination Pain

By Kitty Baker

How does one make vaccination routines a bit less complicated and a little less traumatizing for your baby? Do you need to use painkillers all the time to ease vaccination pain? Well, according to the result of a recent study, you may not need to. Are you considering what you need to do instead? Well, read on!

Fresh research proved that babies who were given the Five S's treatment shortly after vaccination showed noticeably lower evidence of pain. Utilizing the methodology popularized by Doctor. Harvey Karp, analysts from Norfolk noted what the so-called Five S's approach can do to ease vaccination agony.

Understanding the Five S's Approach

Five S's stands for swaddling, side or stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking. Just how will this work in relieving your baby's agony after vaccination? Well, let's see.

If you've already got a baby of your own, you should know the drill - the baby is immediately passed on to the arms of the mum shortly after vaccination. Of course , it is your job to ease and pacify your baby, right?

Using the 5 S's approach , however , the baby is swaddled straight after getting the shot and then shushed or swung a little while lying on his side or his stomach. If this doesn't work, the baby is given a pacifier to suck on instead.

Does this work? Well, according to the report released in the book Pediatrics, babies who were given the 5 S's treatment shortly after vaccination showed less evidence of pain. They grimaced and cried a little but were straight away comforted. In reality only a few of those who were given such treatment were crying after a minute of being vaccinated.

But while this approach would possibly not be presumed practical in a busy pediatrician hospital setting, it can however be taught to the parents so that they can effectively soothe their baby without any painkillers or offering the bottle.

Hence can this approach provide comfort to your fussy baby? Well, why not try it and see for yourself? It may just be the thing your baby wishes.

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