FREE Eco-friendly Diapers, Wipes, & Baby Care Products

Free diapers, wipes, and baby care products!

A new baby products company called the Honest Company founded by film star and mother Jessica Alba, together with former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO Christopher Gavigan is offering a free trial of their products and service.
Free Trial

The products they offer include eco-friendly, baby bum-friendly and natural diapers and wipes, and natural baby skin care and cleaning products. They are really exciting to read about, I can't wait to get my free trial bundles!
Free Trial

The diapers have super cute print on them, which is one big plus. The other big plus is that they only cost about 2 cents more per diaper than your regular brand, and less than the leading natural diaper brands. Which is frankly amazing because they are in a class above any leading brand of diaper for reasons which include:

1. natural materials, chemical free construction, better quality than the other leading natural diapers available.
2. Fancy cute print and designs for boys and girls
3. Just pick them up outside your door, no driving to the store. Save some gas, hun.

Their service includes sending a scheduled shipment of one or both of their "bundles".

Bundle 1. Diapers and wipes.
Bundle 2. Household skin care and cleaning product, such as lotion, bath wash, sunblock and laundry detergent.

They use a fun little questionnaire to help you narrow down the products you need, the diapers sizes and designs you want, and whatnot. Then you give them your card information and you are signed up to receive customized bundles to your house of anything you might need.

You can get a free trial bundle of both the diaper bundle and the products bundle right now if you go sign up! You have to give them your credit card info as if you are really signing up, but you can cancel within 7 days of receiving your trial bundles IF YOU EVEN WANT TO.

This seems to me like one of those products that are great to get a free trial of, but so great that you may actually want to continue the service. They really aren't that much more expensive than our normal chemical filled products we use, so why the heck not?

Anyways get your free trial today! I'm so excited to be able to tell you guys about this! When you get to their homepage, just click on free trial, and go from there! It takes like 3 minutes.

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How to tell if a guy likes you said...

This is a really great offer! they have you pay a couple dollars S & H but you get a lot of stuff! I ordered both trial bundles, so i get free diapers, free wipes, free laundry detergent, baby lotion, baby shampoo and whatever else is in the products bundle. So excited to get it, thank you so much!