Opposed to Drinking Milk but Can't Breastfeed?

The other day I read about a lady who had quite the dilemma. She was a vegan, and wouldn't drink cows milk because of all the stuff in it that was bad. She included a list of hormones, one of which was a growth hormone associated with rapid cell growth and cancer, and then she went on to say bacteria, viruses, feces, and blood are also in milk and therefore its unfit to drink.
She also claimed that the high level of the estrogen hormone in soy made it unfit to eat, and she wanted to avoid it whenever possible, also.

She is a breastfeeding advocate, but when she had her baby, she was unable to provide baby enough milk. Baby was admitted to the hospital with dehydration and mild starvation, and even with pumping and coaching, nothing could make those suckers work well enough to feed her baby. (Here I pause to wonder, maybe because of her diet? But that is only random speculation, of course.)

Now, because of her aversion to both ingredients which make baby formula, she can't stand to feed her baby, and even though she has the child on organic formula, she has started trying to get her off of it, and plans to take her completely off at 6 months of age. She wanted to know what else she could feed her baby to make up for the nutrients she now was getting in formula milk.

I was disturbed on so many levels, readers, and don't know if its wrong of me to feel that way. I would really like to know what you think about this before I say anything more..

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