How to Help Your Baby Keep Stuff Down When They Are Sick

How to Help Baby Keep Water Down When They Are Throwing Up and Sick

There is a flu bug that escaped from somewhere and is making its rounds right now throughout households everywhere. Funny time of year for it, but sometimes that happens.

This particular flu seems to mostly hit the tummy, making sure nothing can be held in either end! There doesn't seem to be any nasal stuff going on along with it, so that's a small relief. There is a headache and fever that like to come along around 48 hours into the sickness, though, after the house has already been deluged with surprise attacks of vomiting for a day or two.

Baby Needs to Keep Fluids Down When He or She is Vomiting

The most dangerous part about the flu is how fast it can dehydrate you, particularly babies, very old people, and pregnant women. These three groups are the most susceptible to dehydration and the least able to handle much of it.

So if your baby catches this bug, you are most likely wondering how to keep a little fluid in her or him without them vomiting it back up. You don't want to have to bring them to the hospital to get re-hydrated with an IV, which is fun for nobody and particularly no good for the wallet, seeing as many people have no health insurance right now.

If they are under 6 months, you will probably have to visit the hospital anyways.

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If they are 6 months and over, and are eating solid foods, crush up a Tums calcium tablet and feed them a bit of it. You will want to give your 6 month old about 1/8 to 1/4 of a tablet the first time you try it, when they are really vomiting a lot. You can give a little more to an older baby, up to 1/2 a tablet the first time. Later you can give them 1/8 or less of a tablet at a time. After they get that in their tummy, you should be able to feed them an ounce or two of a bottle and/or a couple tablespoons of gentle baby food such as applesauce or oatmeal cereal. Don't try giving more than this until you see them keep it down for a couple hours. You can repeat it every 3 or 4 hours.

You don't want to give more than a tablet a day to a 6 month old, and no more than 2 tablets a day to a child 12 months or older. Adjust accordingly for months in between that. This is because too much calcium over time can be a bad thing, and you will likely be feeding them Tums for a few days, two or three at least.

This is not a precise science, and you may want to consult your doctor before doing this because I have not yet talked to a doctor about it. But I just know it works, and hope it works as well for you and your child.

Help Baby Keep Water and Medicine Down When Sick With Tums

You should not over use Tums on your child just to prevent them vomiting. They will still fill up their diapers, also. But it may help them keep some fluid down long enough to do some good. You can also use it to help them keep a fever medicine down. You may want to also give them an ounce or two of breast milk, formula, or baby food puree as medicines are not easy on a queasy empty tummy.

When you can only get them to keep a few ounces down, and it runs right through them, the best thing to give them is Pedialyte or any generic version of that. It is like Gatorade for babies, and is specifically made to hydrate them and replenish their electrolytes, which are lost with any fluid loss, and necessary to live. Its good to get them to hold some water, but even better if they can get some electrolyte fortified fluid down.

If you are reading this, and are needing to take my advice, my sincere sympathies to you. Having a sick baby is no fun for anyone, and can be a scary experience. Good luck, and I hope they are better soon!

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