For Babies Who Insist on Feeding Themselves

I have a 11 month old who loves to feed himself. Since he has gotten older, he has begun to savvy up to the fact that sometimes I slip something yucky (such as his vitamin drops) in his mouth when he opens right up for me to feed him.

Ella's Kitchen Organic Food Purees
He has smartened up so much, that he insists on first taking anything I offer him from my hand and using his own fingers to put it in his mouth. This way he feels safe in what is going in his mouth, I believe.

It can also make him hard to feed, especially as he tends to choke on anything bigger than a cheerio. He's getting better now, but I have seen smaller babies throw down great hunks of food that my son would never manage. So I still feed him purees once in a while when I just can't find anything in the cupboards that he can feed himself safely.

Using a food puree that comes in a pouch makes it easy for baby to eat even the purees by himself (or herself). Especially the kind that Ella's Kitchen makes for their food purees. I really like their product all around, as they offer a diverse range of vegetables and fruits you would not normally find in the baby food aisle, and they are organic! I love organic, I think its great to feed your baby organic food.

Ella's Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruits, The Yellow One, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 7)Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food Broccoli, Pears + Peas (4+months), 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 7)Ella's Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruits, The Red One, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 7)

Its easy for them to hold and squeeze themselves, and suck on it to get the food out, like a freezer pop almost. Great idea right? As long as they are old enough that they won't dump it on the floor instead, of course!

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