3 Year Subscription to Parents Magazine for $8

Parents magazine is holding a promotion to sell their magazine right now, so take advantage of it before it ends and grab up your 3 year subscription for the price of 1 year. Plus, they are including a free cookbook along with it.

I'm not sure how they can afford to even print the magazine and ship it to us for three years for $8.. Plus giving out that cookbook along with it. I'm assuming they get most of their income from advertising, like any magazine, so they can afford to do this if we send them $8 to alleviate shipping costs or something.

I do know Parents magazine can have a lot of great advice, stories, and tips in it, so if you have an extra $8 in your change wallet, I would definitely advise you to go for it. You have to go to www.parents.com/freeyear to get the extra free year, otherwise you are only going to get one free year with your $8 subscription.

Once again you have to go to the special "/free year" page and not the main homepage to be able to get the "3 for 1 +cookbook" deal.

Click here to get the "3 for 1 +cookbook for $8" Parents Magazine subscription!

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