Summer Fun For Your Young Teens and Preteens

So I know this is not exactly baby stuff, but all your children are still your babies, right? If your young teen or preteen needs something to do this summer, get him or her interested in writing and expressing themselves through writing and communicating in a positive way with other kids their age by commenting on other kid's work. Great opportunity for those young ones who already love writing, also!

This new site features an opportunity for kids to become an official writer on the site, making them an important part of a positive community, and also an opportunity to have their work published in a real book. I would highly recommend showing this opportunity to any kids you know in the right age range. 

The site is for kids 11-16 who want to write any kind of short story and submit it to be posted for everyone to read and comment on, and possibly selected for publishing in a book.
Young Authors Unite

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