Simple Tip for Organic Baby Powder

It is becoming more widely known that the talc in baby products, particularly baby lotions and baby powders, is not good for baby. It can be dangerous when breathed in, and hard on sensitive skin.
If you look at the ingredient label on any baby powder you will see the first ingredient is cornstarch. There will be usually one or two ingredients after that, talc and fragrance. Some baby powders even try to add more chemical ingredients for no particular reason that I know of. Maybe to hide the fact that baby powder is merely cornstarch.

 You can go right to the baking aisle of any supermarket and pick up a large box of it for cheaper than a bottle of baby powder, and it will be much better for baby than cornstarch that contains talc and fragrance. Simply pour some cornstarch in a container with a closeable sifter top, such as a large, clean, empty spice container and use that.
You can even pick up the organic variety of cornstarch to be able to have organic baby powder for you precious little one's sensitive baby bum. So much cheaper than regular brand name baby powder, and with hardly any extra effort expended!
To learn how to also make organic baby lotion, and avoid the chemicals in standard store bought baby lotions, go to Organic Baby, the online source for finding any organic baby product you might need.

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