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This offer is from planningfamily.com and is one of many of their great deals for family's that they offer. Check them all out by clicking and registering. I am not affiliated or paid for telling you about them, I just think they are a great money saving place to go for great kids and baby stuff and I want everyone to be able to take advantage of their site.

Cord Blood Registry® (CBR) Call a Cord Blood Specialist: 1-888-932-8260

Cord Blood Stem Cells Save Lives

Enter to Win Free Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood stem cells are being used today to cure patients suffering from serious medical conditions like leukemia and certain other cancers. Ongoing research is evaluating cord blood stem cell's potential to help treat conditions such as cerebral palsy and juvenile diabetes. Saving your baby's cord blood is safe, painless, and an easy step toward a healthy future for your family.

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