Diaper Your Child From Newborn to 12 Months for only $50?

I found a one size cloth diaper kit that includes 3 one size diapers covers and 12 one-size pre-folds that come in one package for $39.99 plus shipping which is about $10 so it comes out to $50. Unless you order more stuff from them, and your order totals more than $75 you get free shipping.

I haven't used cloth diapers yet, but I think I may get these and try them out. In my opinion, remembering that I haven't actually used cloth diapers, I would imagine you might want to get two kits, so you have 6 diapers covers and 24 inserts. Even if you kept the second kit unopened, just so you have options if you were to run out!

Babies R Us $39.99

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