Bottle Designed Like Mommy's Breast? Finally!

BARE Air-free Baby Bottle
My first question when I saw this was, what took them so long? Why hasn't it been done already? I mean really. And my second question was, how come they don't have enough funding pledged to make this work? There are 13 days left and 17% of the funding they need pledged!

 What is it that I am so excited about? A bottle designed by a mom that replicates the action and feel of the real thing, but is a bottle. Its shape feels natural for baby, the nipple works like ours do, and it has no air vents or bubbles, working with a type of plunger action to continually feed baby without the need to refill itself with air as it empties. Your kid could eat with the bottle bottom pointing down if they so desired, just like a real breast. For people that have to supplement, this would be an especially great product, because nipple confusion could be eliminated. Even if you never plan on breastfeeding, this bottle would be the best alternative, because it still works like a real breast and takes away all the problems a typical bottle can cause like colic, gas, and spitting up. Its just such a great idea I can't say enough about it!

Please donate $1

You can read about her journey to making the BARE bottle on her blog, or go to the BARE bottle website to learn more about it. Go here to pledge $1 or however much you feel you need to. All donations get an acknowledgement, and higher donations get extra goodies besides.
The problem is that with 13 days to go to production, they only have 17% pledged of the money they will need! I do not understand this, but I know how we can fix it! How many mommy blogs are out there? Hundreds, I know. I follow quite a few of them with GFC, and I know there are tons more out there. On average, a mommy blog has at least 250 followers!

If 100 mommy blogs got each of their followers to donate $1, that would be $25,000 more for the BARE bottle fund to make sure this wonderful idea becomes a reality! If half of those people were to donate even $5? That would be $62,500 and they would make their production needs right there! 

Plus, anyone who donates $5 and has a blog or website, gets a link to it placed on the BARE website. $5 for a awesome cause plus an extra link to your site? What is stopping you? Let's get it done! Anyone who reads this, please please please share it or blog about the BARE bottle yourself, call your followers attention to it, tell them the need, and ask them to please donate $1 and get this fantastic bottle made for us to use!

In addition, anyone who blogs about this or mentions it on their website in the next 2 weeks will get their badge or link placed on my blog links page. Just comment with a link to where you blogged or mentioned, and I'll grab your badge or link and put it up ASAP!

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